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A Recent Historic Renovation Project

The Carver-Townsend House was built by Ida and Charles Carver in 1894, in what is now Charlottesville’s Downtown Historic District. The last owner had gutted the interior and left the outside sadly dilapidated. Picking up the baton, new owners fully renovated the house, creating a new house within the shell. The exterior was exactingly restored and the front porch, roof and exterior trim were rebuilt. The interior is now a combination of contemporary design and historic features. To meet modern needs rear addition was added that includes a roof deck, office, screened porch and family room. An unfinished basement was turned into an apartment for extended family

members. Despite its historic appearance, this turn of the century Victorian home now has new energy efficient windows, deep insulation and highly efficiency HVAC systems; it should be good for another 150 years!

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